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Dernière mise à jour : 25 nov. 2019

A long time ago, at some point in my life (it must have been 3 decades) the question of who I really am raised in me with a certain depth, there was even a big gaping hole, not a black but, still, empty, which meant that I could not step over it to move on. Impossible. It had to be filled with something more fundamental because in reality what happened was that the hole had formed because I had removed all that was in it over the years without even realizing it.

To be short to avoid boring you for this introducing post not I would like to say that it was then that I started consciously my search for knowledge of the Self to fill the hole with something real that was to replace the foam of a so-called life. I say 'consciously' because I believe that we are all on our way to knowing the Self unconsciously or not. I wonder how many of us find ourselves facing this inner emptiness, this insipid taste of life to which nothing and no one seems to be able to return its flavor, if it has ever had one in our past, and who go round in circles in their existence knowing it.

In this blog I would like to speak about what I call the true being, or the central being, a being I discovered bit by bit and made growing, who is for ever free whatever the circumstances, soft and warm, located in the middle of the chest but also behind our mental, sentimental, emotional and physical personality and life; this hidden being known from ancient Asian philosophies, such as the Vedanta, as the Chaytya Purusha.

So I’ll write on this subject in the coming posts. In the meantime have a nice time living.

PS: I remind you that today is November 13 ... then ... a thought for all those, and their relatives, who died in terror at number 50 of Voltaire Street in Paris.

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